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      WorldUnion > WHO WE ARE

      Chairman Chen Jinsong and Founder of WorldUnion

      With master’sdegree of Engineering Management of Tongji University. Vice Chairman of Urban DevelopmentCommittee, China Real Estate Association, a member of Real Estate Appraisal andReal Estate Brokerage Expert Committee, Ministry of Construction of thePeople's Republic of China, fellow and adviser to Council of China Real EstateAppraisers and China Real Estate Agents, Chairman of China Urban RealtyAssociation, Director of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, adviser toAdvisory Committee of Guangdong Real Estate Association, Director of Federationof Shenzhen Commerce, member of Shenzhen Statutory Planning Committee, lifetimemembership of SEE Conservation, sponsor and deputy Director of ShenzhenMangrove Wetlands Conservation Foundation, Director of Shanghai CURA InvestmentIncorporated td and Director of Joyoung Incorporated.

      “It is said that WorldUnion is a dark horse, but I would rather say it is a white horse, a horse that is running all the time. In the past two decades, WorldUnion has kept moving with tremendous efforts. If you’ve read the feasibility report upon its establishment, you'll know why WorldUnion has become what it is today: we have been very standardized from the very beginning without low pursuit, and we don’t provide undignified products and services. ”

      WorldUnion,founded in Shenzhen in 1993, is the first domestic provider of comprehensivereal estate services which was listed in A stock (stock exchange code: 002285).Till now, it owns 72 branches and provides services to 186 cities in China. Asthe highest record keeper of new house agent sales in China and leadingcomprehensive Chinese asset provider, WorldUnion has been sticking to the corevalue of digging out property value, reducing transaction costs, getting rid ofprofessional risks and promoting asset liquidity for 25 years. Takingcontinuous promotion of industrial progress on itself and focusing on clients, withthe faith “We serve, you enjoy”, WorldUnion has been striving to the principleof letting more people enjoy real property services. 

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